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Student Reminders
  • SCHEDULE CHANGES: With the many varied activities of students and their families, such as extracurricular school commitments, sports, church, etc., please remember that every effort will be made to allow for rescheduling lessons when necessary. Advance notice is greatly appreciated and will ensure a better selection of make-up times and dates.

  • PRACTICE INCENTIVES: Please remember to maintain practice records weekly in order to participate in the incentives program. This should be done prior to lesson time to alleviate the loss of valuable instruction time for students.

  • MUSIC, BOOKS, RESOURCES: It is essential that every effort be made to bring all study materials to each lesson in order to maintain adequate and steady progress. Understandably, there are times when something may be left behind inadvertently and provided this is not a continued pattern, other materials will be utilized during that lesson. Should there appear to be an ongoing problem in this area, to the degree that it is felt to be hindering the overall progress of a student, parent(s), student and instructor will meet to discuss ways the problem can be corrected or if there are other issues to be considered. 

Arbeau Piano

P.O. Box 1053
Blue Springs, MO 64013
Phone: (816) 228-8805

Gerald Arbeau, Piano Technician/Rebuilder/Technical Instructor
Terri Arbeau, Piano Instructor/Educator
By Appointment Only

Olde Summer Recital

Wood's Chapel Event

Wilshire at Lakewood  

Students spent a Saturday afternoon sharing their favorite holiday selections, some special gifts and holiday cheer with residents, staff, families and their fellow students. Thanks to all who participated and especially to those who helped with clearing the stage and the clean-up following our performances.  
"Music is the universal language of mankind."

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-82)


Arbeau Piano's service slogan has always been: "Making the difference in piano service, tuning is only half the job."
This is still the very core of our mission. Although a considerable part of our business involves the general tuning, by no means is this the singular important factor of piano service.
Each service appointment begins with cleaning/vacuuming dust and debris from strings, cabinet interior, and working mechanisms where possible. While cleaning, a visible inspection of the sound board, bridges, strings, and action parts is noted. The keytops are cleaned with a proper cleaning agent. The plate and pedal trap work is tightened, adjusted, and inspected.
Prior to tuning, current pitch across the entire piano is measured and current humidity is considered in this calculation. All previous information is now entered in a "service record" to be kept in the piano for future reference. The pitch is now adjusted; if specific notes are extremely out of pitch, the tuning pins are torqued to see if they will hold tension. Now the tuning process may begin! A normal session will take at least two to three hours.
We provide the following services with the exception that we do not "'resell" nor do we "refinish" pianos. These two factors require special considerations to zoning restrictions and taxation/inventory in our location that we comply with as professional businesses.
  • Tuning and Pitch Adjustments
  • Voicing and Tone Sdjustments
  • Regulation (restoration of ability to play dynamics lost due to wear)
  • Preventive Maintenance (cleaning and friction point service) – especially important for grand pianos
  • Repairing/Refurbishing/Rebuilding
  • Keys Repaired/Recovered/Rebushed and Leveled
  • Humidity Control Systems (installed and serviced)
  • Grand Piano Soundboard, Plate and Strings cleaned